Week In Review – 24 Oct 2011

Seeking truth is the objective of a learned person.  That is also what science, among other branches of study, trying to accomplish.  The truth may change as new facts and evidences emerge but the objective remains the same.  At least it should.

But in today’s world that truth is hard to determine at times.  For example, after two years, we still don’t know how the Coronavirus got started nor when will it end.  While waiting for definitive evidences to emerge, rumors, speculations, and misinformation are filling the void.

None is more obvious than our elected officials, debating how to face the pandemic and the way forward. While a hallmark of a democracy, the debates of information and misinformation are vying for audiences.  Isn’t the role of the government not only to carry out the will of its people but also do so with stability?

Instead, what come out of the Washington are haphazard with chaotic results. The so called truth is hijacked by the loudest, extremest, or angriest voice. Our current mode of democracy is a bumpy road.  Will we come together as our namesake implies?  I hope so.  Maybe this is all just the nature of things.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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