The Art Of Leisure Living – Travel

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Enjoy travel, but not the tedious parts? You know the parts about getting to and from the destination, settling into new and strange surrounding, and other regiments associated with  traveling.

The tedious parts seem always getting in the way. Especially now, with the Coronavirus precautions such as mask mandate in public transports, reduced services to avoid contact, and so on, the hassles can pile up.

Is it worth all the troubles? I think so. In travel, we trade in our familiar surroundings for new and different experiences. That’s the point of travel.  However inconvenient it’s part of the deal.  As if, we trim the fat from the meat, it won’t taste as juicy. 

What then can we do about the tedious parts?  May I suggest embracing whatever happens and make them part of the travel experiences.  Because before you know it, the travel will be over.  Time to go home. Why not make it worthwhile and memorable?

What are your memorable travel highlights?


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