More Than Child’s Play

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When was the last time you smiled or waved at a stranger? In today’s environment, a simple act or child’s play is no longer simple.  Why not?  Is it because as a nation we are too polarized, afraid, or angry? Too sacred because of the Covid-19?  Or something else?

Whatever the reason maybe, people are taking it out on others.  The news of another flight attendant got assaulted by a passenger yesterday over face mask is a case in point.  You can call it an isolate incident (it’s not). It’s wrong. Violence is never an acceptable solution.

But our society as  a whole does not have a handle on why it happens nor how to prevent it from happening. The situation will not improve by itself. The Coronavirus is still around and most likely will run into 2022.  Not to mention, the ever divisive political campaigns for the mid term elections will dominate public attention.

Anger management for every passenger? Self defense training for flight attendant?  Air Marshal on every flight?  I don’t think so as those will only treat the symptom. Somethings more fundamental need to change.

Do you agree that people are behaving less friendly toward others? What else needs to change?

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