Week In Review – 31 Oct 2021

Happy Halloween! An exciting weekend indeed. Will people be out trick-or-treating versus staying home? We will wait and see. At least it’s not raining. With only two months left, the 2021 for sure will be the second pandemic year after the dreadful last year.

Also this weekend, the G20 is on-going in Rome, Italy.  On its agenda are the critical topics of climate crises and Coronavirus pandemic. President Biden is in attendance sans Putin (Russia) and Xi (China). Be that as it may, Mr. Biden has a full plate.

In an effort to wean the world from fossil fuel (to reduce carbon pollution), many alternatives exist. The choices have more to do with economic than technology. And getting the world leaders to agree is no simple matter. Particularly, the US has been the biggest and longest fossil fuel consumer.

After his predecessor, Mr. Biden faces a tough audience in Rome that are more skeptical than his domestic crowd on the proposal to combating the climate crises. Other countries like Russia and China are fighting their own to get the pandemic under control.  Not to mention the winter Olympics in Beijing (2 Feb 2022) is less than 100 days away.  

Stay safe and have a nice week.

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