Tailor Life To What You Want

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Yes indeed, tailor your life to what you want.  After all it is your life. Why wait for the right person, time, or place to come by to make your life fit? You’re in control of your life. And if  it turns out not what you wanted, blame nobody but yourself.

“But . . . but . . .  there are so many obstacles to what I want,” you say. Are there really? I would retort: How much do you want it? Maybe too much obstacles is because you don’t want it bad enough?  Get as clear as you can on what you want will help.

“But . .  but . .  I can’t control the weather,” you say. Let’s see about that:  You can 1) choose a more agreeable climate/ location, 2) prepare yourself for the weather based on forecast, or 3) learn to enjoy the weather you got. The possibilities are endless.

Got the point? When it comes to how we want to live, we are in control. No one knows your live better. Don’t abdicate it to someone else. 

Last but not the least, do it now.

What are you waiting for?



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