Between Want & Need

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Between want and need, lots of confusions arise which can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.  Do I want ice cream or need it?  Do I want sleep or need it? How about money? Well, worry no more. Here is a simple rule of thumb to distinguish the two: the wants are created by our minds.  And the needs are created by our bodies.

Let’s face it – we can’t escape our bodies. Everything we do depends on our bodies. Talking, walking, etc. Our bodily functions keep us going.  And in return, we do things to serve our bodies: eating, drinking, clothing, sheltering.  You name it.  All to satisfy our bodily needs.

The mind on the other hand deals in imaginary and esoteric domains.  Dreams, thoughts, goals are examples which more difficult than bodily needs to grasp, let alone to satisfy.  However the mind is what separates us human from animals. It is so powerful that the saying “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve” bears witness.  

Our body is our physical reality, and our mind is its mental counterpart.  If you get confused, remember to keep your feet on the ground (body) but dream sky high (mind). And continue to strive for harmony in between.

Do you think the same rule of thumb applies to relationship?

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