Break Out The Winter Gears

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Did I mention it’s cold outside in the Washington DC area?  This morning I had to dig out my winter running gears for my run.  No more tank top and shorts, at least not for me.

It was in the mid-30’s (Fahrenheit) when I rolled out the bed. After fumbling through my running gears looking for pants, gloves, and neck gator, it was closer to 40 degrees by the time when I finally headed out.

The reason why it took me a while to get the right gears was because I hate to overdress for my run. You can say I am a minimalist when it comes to running.  Extra clothing would only make me sweat and heavy. The key is to wear just enough, so after a mile or two, I would be warmed up and ready.

The winter solstice (21 December) is still more than a month away.  But I am getting ready for it already.

Are you ready to transition into cold weather running?

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