People’s Voice Loud & Clear

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Last week, the Coronavirus pandemic crossed the benchmark of 5 million deaths (worldwide). Only a few days later, the Republicans took back the State of Virginia in the 2021 elections. The seismic shift competed with the Covid-19 news.

You see, in the 2020 general election Biden won Virginia by more than ten points. Merely a year later, the Republicans won the contested seats of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and a majority in the Virginia House. In other words, they managed to flip the State.

Obviously people are tired of the pandemic that has been going on for two straight years with no end in sight. People are seeking changes. It could not have been more clear in the case of Virginians’ desires. And I would say that pretty much sums up the feelings across the country.

Does that spell trouble for Mr. Biden and the Democrats? Yes. Not just for the upcoming  2022 mid-term elections but, more urgently, now. It’s an indictment against the lack of results by the current administration and the majority Party. The Democrats need to get their act together. Or ELSE.

Do you think the Dems have got the message?

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