It’s About Time

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The 1 trillion dollar Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill passed the US House yesterday, 88 days after the US Senate approved it (on 10 Aug 2021). The infrastructure bill will modernize, among others, roads, bridges, and broadband. So this is a much needed shot in the arms and good news for all.

The fact that such popular bill took the House Democrats 88 days to pass it is inexcusable and emblematic of the problem within the Party. As it is, the bill was opposed by 6 progressive Democrats who felt betrayed by not having the companion bill, the Build Back Better Act, which funds social programs and climate action,voted the same time.

Had it not for the wake up call from the election results earlier in the week, the Dems would still be tangled up in its intraparty politics. But even a child knows “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  Better to have something than nothing. 

Do you think the outliers like Senators Joe Manchin (D-W Va) and Krystin Sinema (D-AZ) could appreciate that? Or do they have ulterior motives that eclipse the logic? Either way, We will find out soon enough.

What do yo think is the likelihood of the Build Back Better Act will pass? 


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