Thoughts On Midterm Elections

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Today is 8 November, exactly one year from the US midterm elections in 2022. What’s the big deal of 365 days? You ask.

Well, one year is a long time to wait for one’s driving or drinking privilege.  But for political candidates, the time will zip by considering the work of fundraising, canvassing, debating, public appearances, primary, etc. And higher the political office sought, the magnitude gets scaled up .

By tradition, the midterms favors the party opposite to the president’s.  Not taking anything away from the candidates, last week’s Virginia election results previews  what many believe the midterms to come.  The RealClear Politics polls indicates the same for Congressional races.  

Further eroding the Dems’ chance is President Biden’s low approval rating.  Although off  the ballot, Mr. Biden has to deal with the uphill battles of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the midterm stigma. In spite of the recent victory on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, he needs more wins to turn the tide – easier said than done.

Of course poll numbers are no guaranty and will change. So, we ought not let the tail wagged the dog. Merely sharing here the sense of public sentiments at this point. Let’s see what will happen in the coming year. At least for now, the  former President Trump is sitting out on this one.

What do you think will be necessary to sway the public sentiment for the midterms?

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