Inflation Coming?!

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Inflation is not coming. It is HERE already.  Although, it shouldn’t be a surprise. After all the US government pumped so much money into the public pockets through the stimulus & pandemic relief checks. Not a criticism – most countries around the world did the same.

The real question is how long will the inflation last? Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball clear enough to answer that question.  Adding to the difficulties has to do with the tenacity of the Covid-19 pandemic. Will another variant surge happen? Here? Elsewhere?

This much is certain: holidays are coming up. Consumers are facing the pinch of rising prices on food, gas, and rent. It’s a ugly fact of life. And this global supply chain shortage will last at least through the end of the year. Sounds bleak? I know. Those Black Friday Deals start to look  pretty good.

What is your plan for the holidays?

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2 Responses to Inflation Coming?!

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I’m not asking for any physical gifts. I’m giving my wife a subscription to a local kayak company so she can go kayaking all summer.
    Maybe we just have to ask for and expect less. Atleast this year.

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