Covid-19, US Update #7

With cooler days ahead, it’s time for another update on the Coronavirus pandemic in the US. After two months of decline, new cases are again on the rise in 29 of the 50 states compared to the previous week (USA Today).  Will the holidays become super-spreader events? 

Well, to date, only 59% of the US population have been fully vaccinated (67% including at least one dose) since the Pfizer vaccine was first approved by FDA on 23 Aug 2021. It does not bode well for the holiday season, second year in a row. The US ranks 17th in the world in vaccination. Why the slow progress? The debate rages on.

But this much is certain: we are paying the price for our chosen responses to the pandemic. As indicated by the Johns Hopkins University data, today: “The first case of COVID-19 in United States was reported 658 days ago on 1/21/2020. Since then, the country has reported 46,789,031 cases, and 758,916 deaths.” 

Unfortunately, we lead the world on both counts.

Update #6, here.

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