Leisure Activities?

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My life while in the workforce was 70% hustle and 30 % leisure. 70% included the proverbial 40 hour workweek, commute, preparation, etc. The 30% leisure accounted for the weekends, holidays and other personal time.

Now retired, the scale shifted over for me, way over. More like 90% leisure and 10% hustle.  I identify leisure as the activity that recharges and boosts my energy, and hustle as the activity that drains my energy.

So what do I do with my 90% leisure time?  How are my leisure activities differ from before? Besides the obvious freedom with my time to travel and vacation, the major difference lies in my mindset.  Yes indeed.

Whether it’s reading, running, meditation, sleeping, eating, the same activities are executed or enjoyed differently. Prior to retiring, I was part of the hustle culture and  consumed by work. Everything else is ancillary which I had to find ways to fit them in or around my work.

My morning run was rushed to ensure I won’t be late for work.  I had to read fast to keep up with the workflow.  And meditation was my escape or refuge from it all. These same activities took on a different mindset after I retired.  Because, taking care of myself is the goal, and everything else is ancillary.

What are leisure activities to you?

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3 Responses to Leisure Activities?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Leisure activities are anything that gets your head out of the rat race.
    For me it is running, watching TV/Netflix and in the summer working on my garden.
    A good book can pull me out of the daily grind also. But is has to be a good book!

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