My Morning Meditation Routine

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There is no bad time to meditate if you ask me. In the morning, afternoon, evening, or even when you are waiting for your destination, all good.  Among the choices, I prefer morning, right after I wake up when my mind and body are slow in getting up to speed.

Sometimes, my mind maybe awake, but my body is not. Sitting there quietly affords myself the transition to what’s to come in the day. An opportunity for inward awakening – regaining control of my breathing. Take in the air consciously and exchange it through exhaling – waking up my diaphragm and the lungs.

Next, I would introduce the sitting “cat-cow,” a yoga terms for flexing the spine up and down (or rather front and back while seated). Starting with the “cow”, my diaphragm drops and sacrum pushes forward, commencing the inhale.  Followed by my stomach pressing inward and chin tilting slightly toward my chest – air gets squeezed out of my lungs through exhaling.

The sitting cat-cow sends a wave up my spine on the front and down my spine in the back.  And the process repeats. In addition, I incorporate side bends and rotations left and right to complete the six degrees of motion for my spine. The process is dynamic and takes 30 minutes. I find it way more interesting than just passively observing my breathes.  

Do you meditate,?  If so, what is your preference?

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