A Perfect Life? Part 2

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In a perfect world, things happen in rhythms which we are comfortable with. We  understand what’s happening and are satisfied with the outcomes.  Movie tries to do that with scripts, plot, camera angles, and the whole nine yards. Not all succeed, but the good ones make us feel entertained.

In real life, perfect world does not exist. Life has its ups and downs, seasons, and timings.  We get too busy to keep up with the unexpected, despite how hard we tried to control them.  Unknowns, unanswered questions, and unfinished quests leave people hanging. And we accept them as parts of our lives and instead escape to the movies.

However, our life is our focus. Everything we do imitates life, or approximates it for our benefits.  Be it arts, music, science, literature and of course movie.  We are the variables in all of these. We change, so do our worlds.  And if our timing is out of synchronization, gap in our experiences magnifies. Dissatisfaction ensues.

On the other hand, if we align our action to reduce the gap, our lives would be more palatable. Given a choice, who wouldn’t want a better or perfect life? This is why despite movies are not real, people still go and watch them.  The question becomes how can one reduce the gap to achieve a perfect life?

One method is to recognize that our life has seasons (e.g. childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and master). Distinguish the seasonal differences, and align our life accordingly.  So for example, young at heart is fine, but acting out of sync with one’s season causes incongruities. In other words, act your age. 

Do think a perfect life is possible? If so, how?

Part 1, here.

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