Yes, I Can

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It is a phrase I am quite familiar. In fact, very familiar indeed.

You see, running marathons affords me plenty of opportunities to question myself. Why am I doing this? Will I be able to finish it? and the likes. That’s when the three little words of affirmation comes in handy.

Of course, marathon is just an example. Many other life scenarios put us at the crossroad of self determination. When we need an inspiration or a lift to get us going, better to use  emotional resources from the inside instead of relying on others.

Call it affirmation, motivation, or positive thinking. These three words nudge you to a higher level: To give a little more, to last a little longer, or to keep a little more patience. Whatever the circumstance maybe, answer it with the yes-I-can can give you a boost to get over the hump.

You may not believe it at that moment, but that is okay. The key is to say it until you make it. The psychological leverage is there for you. Why not tap into it?

Have you tried self affirmation?

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