Why Volunteer?

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Volunteering should be a positive experience as in giving where one finds satisfaction in his or her own way.  It should not  be an act of sacrifice or obligation as such it will not last. Volunteering should be self-directed as well as rewarding at the same time.

But with all the pressures from the Coronavirus, inflation, and whatever else that are weighing people down, who has the time or energy to give?  You may be thinking. Which is quite understandable.  Time is tough.  Especially with the holidays coming.

Perhaps, just perhaps, by giving yourself in some way, you find your redemption.  It could be forgetting your own trouble for the time being or lending a helping hand to someone truly in need. The experience turns out positive and life affirming. Which we can all use more.

Thanks to the  Parkrun US Blog for this inspiration.

Do you volunteer?

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5 Responses to Why Volunteer?

  1. swosei12blog says:

    In high school, we had to volunteer a certain amount of hours before graduating, and I think the practice of volunteering kind of stuck 20+ years later. Unfortunately, I think that I volunteer too much and I feel stretched thin at times.

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    • terryshen says:

      Yes, it’s easy to get stretched thin in our hustle culture. More the reason to look for the quality few, instead of the reverse, voluntary projects so you get the redemption. Keep volunteering and thanks for your comments.

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  2. OmniRunner says:

    For the past 5 years I’ve volunteered at the Boston Marathon Expo. My running club mans the bib pick up station for a 5 hour shift. We get to met people from al over the world and it is so much fun!
    Recently I volunteered at a local 5K that I usually run. Obviously a much smaller operation but I still had fun meeting the runners and talking to the other volunteers.
    Volunteering may sound boring and a big time commitment. But I have always had a good time and come home feeling good about helping people out. Even just a bit.

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  3. terryshen says:

    Right on, Andy. I have been on the receiving end many times. In fact each race and more. Definitely can relate. Many events rely on the voluntary efforts to make them possible. So it’s a win-win. Thanks for your comments.


  4. ShiraDest says:

    I have done quite a lot of volunteering in my time, and now, I’d like to gift my nonfiction WiP and the project that should go with it to the next generation of volunteers.

    Passing the torch in service to humankind,


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