It Is About To Get Cold

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Thanksgiving is next Thursday. It is one of the heaviest traveled holidays in the United States. Sure, people want to go home and spend the holiday with family. Unfortunately, the weather forecast has the holiday in the bullseye of a brewing winter storm. Yikes!

To wit, less than a week before Thanksgiving, the cold spill is already foreshadowing here in the Washington DC area. Today’s high temperature is in the mid-40’s and low in the mid-20’s. But, the real chiller is the wind, or more specifically the wind gusts. Which has lasted from dawn to dusk with velocity nearing 30 miles per hour.

The cutting combination of the wind and cold temperature makes the Capital winter miserable.  When I visited Fairbanks, Alaska a month ago, it was cold there – cold but bearable, because of no wind. Imaging if I feel cold now, the winter storm is to bring wind gusts up to 70 mph. Jiminy Christmas! Just the thought of it is making me shiver.

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

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