Spotting Patterns

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I like patterns. They are everywhere.  Much of the Big Data Analytics is to find patterns in seas of observations.  However, one doesn’t have to be gigantesque to spot patterns.  Patterns exist around us, at our finger tips, in everyday life.

Every time we turn on our cell phone or laptop, the device goes through a pattern of starting up.  Maybe asking for our username and password or greeting us with a prompt for our instructions.  And these patterns provide us a level of familiarity and comfort.  We feel safe, knowing what to expect.

Plus, pattern exists beyond individual level.  Weather, traffic, and relationship come to mind. Perhaps a bit more complex than the personal devices, but it wouldn’t take a genius to realize the need for an umbrella when the sky is overcast, to anticipate the extra time required  when traveling in rush hours, or to recognizing a couple in love.

We learn these patterns through experiences. Ultimately we adapt them into our memories and apply them in our decision making processes. What fascinate me though are the choices people make to externalize their patterns.  Be it through the cloth they wear, the job they pick, or the spouse they choose, all part of their patterns.

What are your patterns in your self story?


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