Week In Review – 21 Nov 2021

As the year rolls on, this period always make me reflective.  After all bulk of the year is already behind me. What else can I desperately hang on or change to make the year more   meaningful? The feeling of melancholy is a pattern I associate with the coming of the winter season.

In terms of taking care of self, what should I do? Escape to a warmer climate? Learn snow skiing? Or simply hibernate? Oh well, this much I do know: get a Covid-19 booster shot.  Yes, I can as the U.S. eligibility has been expanded to all adults (source).  Thanks and a  backhanded compliment to the anti-vaxxers.

Another option is to volunteer.  In this our second Coronavirus Pandemic year, my life is perfect compared to some. Just look at all the migrants who are trying to cross the borders here and elsewhere. Helping others in need in whatever fashion has the benefit of diverting my focus away from the weather and other less important matter.  

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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