What We Don’t Know

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New Coronavirus cases are continuing to rise in 34 of the 50 US States (NBCNews) – an increase from almost two weeks ago and in spite of the mass vaccination efforts. Some say the cold weather is driving people indoor and thus the culprit.  But we had surges in the Summer as well. So what gives?

Knowledge is a great thing. It helps human kind advanced our understanding in  many areas. Particularly with technology, we put human beings in space and rover on Mars. But right here at home, our struggles with the Coronavirus is approaching two years and counting. Clearly, we don’t know what has caused the virus and how to prevent its spreading.

I have wondered with the tracking of the pandemic how come our Big Data Analytics could not lick this challenge?  Why our models can not predict and prevent the spread of the virus? Am I being a fool on omniscient and ignorant of my blind spots or the unknowns? In other words: we don’t know what we don’t know. 

The Big Data sheds light on what we already do and perhaps improves our knowledge in that regard.  But when it comes to the unknowns, it does not chip away what we don’t know.  That is still primarily a human task.  As much as our good grasp on many things, there are much much more to discover and understand.

How much do we really know?

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