On Pain Management

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Pain is an inevitable part of life. Life is full of it. Starts with birth and ends with death. And lots sprinkled in between. Not saying making pain your friend, but avoiding it is no solution either. Why not learn to leverage the pain to navigate through life?

You see, pain is our body telling us that course correction is needed. Ignoring it does not make it better. Disguising or masking it with drug or alcohol will only temporarily confuse our senses but not change the fact.  Instead, heed the pain.

Putting your hand over a hot stove will be painful and teach you not to do it again. Similarly, hurting others, physically or emotionally, causes them pain. And we all know that is not nice. Either way, pain will provide authentic feedback.

In essence, pain serves as an alarm signal to keep us on the straight and narrow when we pay attention to it. But logical as that may sound, it does not make the pain any easier to accept.  Right, you are.  What should one do when it comes to this touchy subject?

For one, do not avoid the pain.  Rather, acknowledge it as a necessity and learn enough, so not to repeat it.  What is the pain telling me?  If my body is feeling it, it is real. How can I effectively deal with it?  Avoiding pain will not lead to understanding nor enlightenment.

One of the most common mistakes in running is to run through pains.  Ignoring the body’s signal on something is wrong is a recipe for injury.  I will be the first to admit, being there, done that. As my body ages, it is taking me longer to heal.  That’s why I take my pain seriously.

Have you got  any suggestions on dealing with pain?

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