Thanksgiving 2021

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Peaceful Thanksgiving. New York Time gave a nice summary of this traditional American holiday, and it is not about the pilgrims sitting down with the natives for a happy meal.  Far from it. 

Cultural ignorance leads to cultural war.  And it will continue if we keep on whitewashing stories and choosing not to face up to the truth.  Native Americans have every right to feel betrayed and angry when the Thanksgiving is depicted as the pilgrim-native kumbaya.    

Choose reconciliation and not war. More Americans died of Covid-19 this year than the year before.  Isn’t that enough for us to prioritize understanding over ignorance or collaboration over misinformation?  Can we be really that blind?

On this day, be thankful for being alive, and contemplate in peace if gathering with your family.  

How is your Thanksgiving this year versus in 2020?


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