Friday After Thanksgiving

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Waking up to the hollering sounds of blistery wind outside my windows. Another chilly day! Anyone braving the cold to take the advantage of the Black Friday sales will not only have to contend with the weather but also the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Speaking of the virus, here is a bad news: A new mutation of the Coronavirus called the Omicron variant in South Africa has been reported.  It is sure to make the pandemic lasting longer and potentially get around the existing vaccines. 

The cold air will undoubtedly keep more people indoor and them susceptible to the virus  transmission.  The combination of the weather and variant is unfortunate and very disturbing to say the least. 

On the bright side, I am thankful that my family and relatives have managed to stay  healthy in the midst of all these.  Our gathering last night was modest but good spirited.  Hope none of them is going to the stores today.

How did you spend your Friday after the Thanksgiving? 

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