We Are No Slouch

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The discovery of the Coronavirus Omicron variant should not send us scramble for cover. It is a variant which means we have dealt with similar ones before (e.g. the Delta variant). Whatever we did have been effective.  That’s why the virus mutates, trying to get a leg up on us.

Is there tweaking we can do to make our lives safer? Probably. But no need to panic nor throw the baby out with the bath water.  The Omicron is a variant of concern,  We can deal with it like we have been.  We too can evolve and adapt based on data, which will be more apparent in two weeks.

Meanwhile, continue to do what you do. Go to work, school, market or whatever, and practice personal protection by getting vaccinated, wearing mask, washing hands, and physical distancing.   Remember, the virus can mutate. So can we.  We are no slouch.

Are you confident that we can beat the Coronavirus?

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