On Average?

Source: allaboutlean.com


Life’s idiosyncrasies beget “on average” statistics.  Like on average, women have a life span of 75 years – 5 years more than men. This “on average” interpretation allows for noticing of trends & patterns on a macro-level, provides a normative sample, and is popular with statistics.

If the on-average gives a general picture, our idiosyncrasies on the other hand represent the  boundaries to which we extend our understanding on.  Jeanne Louise Calment who lived 122 years and 164 days was the longest living person according to the Guinness Book of Records. Many fascinations on how she did it.

As a youngster, I was attracted to be the first, fastest, finest, or whatever. But as I grow older, I no longer desire to push the envelope.  Sure, I will still try my best, but the on-average appeals more to me.  Case in point: I like to live a long life but not sure about being 122 years old. 

So, am I discovering my limitations in life or just finding my place in the world?

What is your take?

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