Booster Shot And Bruno Mars

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What do Covid booster shot and Bruno Mars have in common?  For me, the two come together after I went and got my booster shot.  More specifically, the Bruno Mar’s The Lazy Song.  Yes the one where he sang, “don’t like to do anything.”  That is exactly how I felt the day after I got my shot.

You see, I had little to no reaction with the previous two vaccine shots early in the year.  So, I was not expecting anything different.  Except, I asked for a mixed booster shot. Meaning a vaccine that is different from the two I received before. 

Why did I ask for a mixed shot? You ask.  Because I believe a mix-and-match of different dose and formulation will give my body more to react to and perhaps a better  immunity.  And boy, did I get what I ask for? 

Not only was my arm sore, my sleep was broken because I could not sleep on that side, and I woke up with nagging head fog. Literally, I wanted to do nothing all day. Absolutely nothing, but rest.  I was going for a run but canceled it.  Did not meditate nor yoga.

Nothing at all.

Have you got your shot(s)?


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2 Responses to Booster Shot And Bruno Mars

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Just signed up for my booster and it’s different from the first 2. Getting my flu shot the same time. I should be out of commission for a few days!


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