No Government Shutdown – A Good News

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Most news I read are downers. The Omicron Chronavirus variant, shooting in the high school (or on the movie set), unemployment, you get the picture. So when I heard the Congress reached a deal last night to providing funds for the US government and averted a shutdown, that was something different – a good news!

Yes, the funding is for near term, until February 18, 2022, but I am good with that. Simply because there are enough challenges on everyone’s plate as is. No need to create another one if at all possible. And the Congress did the right thing. It demonstrated that politics aside, people can work together.

In case you’re wondering why we seem to go through this “government shutdown” frequently, here is a primer. In short, by our Constitution, the Congress holds the purse string and uses it as leverage on the Executive Branch.  But unfortunately sometimes partisan politics gets in the way, and the government (as well as the American people) becomes the hostage.

Enjoy your weekend.

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