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I recently attended a funeral of an high school friend of mine. Sitting there and listening to others giving their speeches, one common thread surfaced. My high school friend was an encourager.

My friend was a dentist and a fellow runner.  We were on the same track team during high school.  He gave encouragement generously to people he encountered. Whether through work, church, or family life, he took the steps to praise people.

In retrospect, I have always been a self directed person. Meaning I prefer to guide myself through whatever tasks or challenges I am facing. Not waiting nor depending on others.  But, I recall incidents when I was struggling and someone encouraged me. And it felt nice.

I am sure for those people whose lives have been touched by my friend’s kind words would feel the same way.  It is the role of an encourager that my friend chose to take on.  And it has made an impact to others. Certainly to me. But most of all, a credit to himself.  

Rest in peace, my friend. It has been a good run.

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