Week In Review – 5 Dec 2021

December has arrived. Along with it, the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus.

Year 2021 has become the second year of this pandemic and definitely not the last. People are getting worn out, not only by the virus but also by the flip-flopping of governmental policy mandates: mask or no mask; lock down or not;  without any definite direction.

Now with the Omicron, a renewed push for booster shot is on.  It highlights the difficulty in public policy and the role that government plays.  The public is never satisfied as these policy solutions are too slow, too broad, too costly.  Especially, without an end in sight.

Any wonder that President Joe  Biden has a low approval rating? But then again, he knew about the challenge before taking the job and was considered experienced in government business to deal with it. So if he and the Democrats have not figured it out, oh well.

Such is politics, and we need to encourage the bureaucrats to keep on working to find the best solution in solving the problems. The case with no government shutdown this past  Friday serves an example that people can work together.  Now is the time for collaboration to get through this pandemic. 

Similarly, President Biden’s message to President Xi of the PRC,” to ensure that the competition between our countries does not veer into conflict” is apropos to us domestically as well. Whether Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, we are all in this pandemic together. 

Shouldn’t we heed Mr. Biden’s point and demonstrate that, with sound mind-body connection and application of our resources, we can overcome the Coronavirus challenge? It may be a tall order, but we must give it a try and not wait for the mid-term election “fix.”

Stay safe & have a nice week!

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