A Date Will Live in Infamy

Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI

Eighty years ago, on a quiet Sunday morning the Imperial Japan’s airplanes bombed the US naval fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It was the trigger that drew us into World War II and “a date will live in infamy” in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s words. Eight decades later, Japan is one of United States closest allies in the Pacific. And history continues to be written.

On a separate front, the White House announced a “diplomatic boycott” of the 2022 Winter Olympics to be held in China on 4 February, albeit US athletes are free to attend. Best I can figured is this announcement represents international politics in action. You can bet on that I will watch the Olympics as long as the host country is fair to our Team USA and protects them from the pandemic (as Japan did for the summer games). 

Besides being infamous, today is also freezing here in Washington DC.  Forecast of a looming snow tomorrow motivated me for my morning run.  I even added a few hill repeats for good measure – legs are getting soft and slow from all the easy running I have been doing.

How was your Pearl Harbor Day?

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