Things I Don’t Enjoy Anymore

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Yard work was a joy after I purchased my first house. Firing up the mower and trimming the grass was my way of taking care my property.  Whether pulling up the weeds, raking up the leaves, or composting the grass clippings, I did them all.  The time and sweat I spent in the yard over the Spring and Summer was reflected in the outcomes. 

I was a happy and proud homeowner.

That was many years ago. Circumstances changed over time. I am still happy and proud about my house, but some enjoyable tasks was overtaken by family, and more family responsibilities. Meanwhile, the house got bigger, so did the yard, and trees. No longer do I have the luxury to spend on yard work. It’s more time with the family.  

Fast forward to now.  

My kids are gone, but so are my interests on laboring in the yard.  Yup. The mower has become heavy and unwieldy. What used to be easy is taking a lot longer for me to do. Not to mention the trees. They are bigger and taller with more leaves to take care. Yard work has become a chore.

Still happy and proud, but I would rather spend time taking care of myself and let someone else more capable to take care the yard.  Being there & done that.  

Do you have things that you no longer enjoy doing?

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