A State Of Limbo

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It is 12 days to Christmas (19 days to New Year)!  Even though blogging everyday helps me  to  slow down the passage of time, I still  get caught off guard by how short we have on the clock for balance of the year. 

I can count twelve days in two hands and toes. It’s that close. Needless to say, I am not ready.  Not for the holidays, let alone the year vanish into the ether. No, no, no.  There are so much uncertainties: the Coronavirus, inflation, and others I can’t account for.

Some may think I’m worrying too much or perhaps sleeping too much. “Com’on and wake to the present moment,” they would say.  What is there to get ready? None of those is within our control.  Stop worrying, and the holidays will be here in a blink of the eyes. 

But that is exactly the problem, or my problem. You see, I can’t feel it.  Regardless what goes on around me, I am sort of in a suspended animation.  None of the usual festive mood nor any definitive outcome I can look forward to.  Only a state of limbo.

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays?


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