Reblog: What Is Your Circle Of Influence, And How Can You Grow It?

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Are you frustrated by what is happening?

The Chronavirus pandemic has been with us for two years and is heading straight into its third.  The inflation is trending like a runaway train, out of control.  And the whole world seems in limbo.  How does one keep his or her sanity in today’s world without just writing everything off?

Do not despair. I often refer to a concept by the late Dr. Stephen Covey, author of the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” called the Circle of influence. It can help.  Not only in our current situation but other challenges as well. Below is an excerpt from one of my postings

Focusing on what you can influence. Can’t control the rain but you can bring an umbrella; can’t stop others’ behavior but you can choose how you react (think road rage); can’t solve world hunger but you can donate to food shelter.   Your circle of influence is what within your control.

Andy Tamlin of the Budjester has an excellent article which explains the concept in depth. Hope you enjoy Andy’s article: What Is Your Circle Of Influence, And How Can You Grow It? and leverage the circle of influence to develop your own path forward.

What do you think about the Circle of Influence?

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