When Best Is Not Good Enough

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Winston Churchill said, “Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes you must do what is required.”  I like his statement on many levels.

Too often the statement “doing my best” is used as an excuse rather than a statement of fact.  How many people really do their best, give their very best in good conscience, can’t squeeze a bit more?  The answer is few and far in between.

Even if it were true, or you think, you did your best, it could still be not good enough. Frustrating? Yes. But real life requires more. The Coronavirus is a case in point.  Regardless how much we try, the virus is still here. 

The alternative is not to give up but to try harder. 

So, whether, a doctor, an Olympian, or a parent, we must give more. Why? Because that is what is required when the best is not good enough.  Being a member of the sandwich generation, I have faced that dilemma.  And Sir Churchill’s saying reminds me of what I must do.

What’s your choice?

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