Wintering, the Crucible Of Life?

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Upon my first read of the post “a time for slow replenishment” I was awestruck by its beautiful wisdom on how to adapt to life’s coldest season.  No matter how difficult, painful, or challenging the winter imposes. 

But my admiration ends at the post’s last sentence, “It’s one of the most important choices you’ll ever make.”  Allow me to elaborate.

To me the wintering described is an adaptation strategy. It’s admirable because the strategy allows one to extract values from an harsh encounter. Lifting from the winter months its full meaning through meditation, hibernation, ice bath or whatever works.  The process is, as the title suggested, a slow replenishment.

And perhaps a transformation will appear at the end.  After reflection, resting, re-awakening like the earth itself goes through each year. Again, I admire people who choose to do that. 

But I choose to skip the crucible. Why? You ask. At my age, I am not interested to force myself to adapt if I don’t have to. Being there. Done that. So much the life has to offer. Why should I adapt if I don’t have to?

Don’t get me wrong. Wintering has great wisdom, but it is not for me. I prefer to be warm, active, and only slow down to rest when I want. Not I must. And that is the choice I made.

What do you think about wintering?

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