Coffee Cake Social

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After our run this morning, a running acquaintance waved us over at the parking lot where our run starts and ends every Saturday. He offered to share with us a coffee cake his wife made this morning. Now who could refuse a coffee cake that is still warm to the touch after a cold morning run? Not me.

His generous gesture reminds me just how sociable running can be. Yes, we see each other in the parking lot  before or after the run. We wave to each other on the trail during most Saturdays. Occasionally, small talks ensues. But most of the time, we stick to our own running groups. 

Today was different.  Maybe it was the coffee cake that broke the ice? But more likely than not it was our love for running that joined us. Just like when I attend races near or afar,  the participants could be from all over. But no matter. We were all there to run. 

So today, right there at the parking lot, we talked about cars, families, and, you guessed it, running.  While enjoying the company of each other, I particularly love the coffee cake.

Are you a social runner?

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4 Responses to Coffee Cake Social

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I’ve run a bunch of marathons. During several of them I have had miles long conversations with complete strangers.
    Usually one of us pulls ahead eventually and the conversation is over. Strangers will tell you the craziest things!
    I’ve had some interesting conversations running with people I know.
    Running can be solitary but if you can run at a comfortable pace with someone, you are bound to have some insightful conversations.
    What gets me is how many runners don’t nod or wave as you pass. I mean, WFT?

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  2. Mark Gillett says:

    Yes for sure! I would say at this point in my life most of my friends I have met through running…. What a nice gesture there though


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