Week In Review – 19 Dec 2021

The Coronavirus Omicron variant is making all the news this week. Being more contagious, it is poised to cause a surge and crush the healthcare infrastructure. The concern is re-awaking the public fear and bringing back the lockdown and other restrictive measures.

Moreover, the winter gatherings typical this time of the year increase the chance for the virus to spread. So much so, the “great reboot” that many corporations had been hoping for is dashed as a result. “In-person” will have to wait.

But one thing is clear: if you have done your best in immunization, meaning fully vaccinated with a booster, there is not much to worry.  The Omicron is less lethal than its Delta counterpart. Focusing on your circle of influence, you can navigate a path through it.  

If you feel the world is in a state of limbo, you’re not alone.  By knowing we are all in this pandemic together however helps to build one’s emotional resiliency.  Important to know when to fight, and when to fold.  

Stay safe & have a nice week

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