My Emotional Truth With Covid Pandemic

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Two years ago, an overseas epidemic was happening in Wuhan, China, a city located half way around the globe from America. Coronavirus or Covid-19 wasn’t going to be a household name until a few months later. And the life as we knew it would be forever changed.

Up until then I did not appreciate what a pandemic is. Nor did I realize that I am not exempted from that something happened opposite side of the world. It is not only affecting me but also everyone I know. Lockdown, quarantine, and vaccination went from concepts to realities.

By now, I have come to terms with the pandemic will not go away anytime soon.  So I must accept the risk that things can get  changed at a drop of a hat.  All it takes is one person to be tested positive.  Instead of frustration, flexibility is the more prudent choice.  After all, life must go on.

How has your life evolved with the pandemic?

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