Reblog: The value of emotional truth

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Logic, and by extension evidence, does not hold monopoly on the truth. Something could be logical and yet wrong as we have seen in our military leader’s decisions to bomb village including innocent civilians. When something feels wrong, chances are our conscience is telling the truth.

This is why I particularly liked the post by Joshua Krook titled “The value of emotional truth.” As he emphasized, emotion has its own truth.  Take the example of love. Denying it will only cause cognitive dissonance within ourselves, because we are denying our own emotions.

However, in a world of “law & order,” emotional truth is swept aside. Instead, mandatory sentencing is taking away judicial discretions along with our compassion and human judgement. Case in point is the 26 years old trucker who was sentenced to 110 years in prison for a brake-failure crash that killed four people. Is justice truly being served in this case?

In summary, Krook recommended, “we each have a source of truth within ourselves through our experiences, and through our emotions. Becoming a whole human being involves an integration, not a rejection, of our own emotional truths.”

See Joshua Krook’s full article at : The value of emotional truth

Do you believe compassion and other emotions have a part in our justice system?

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