Human Connection – A Christmas Reflection

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“No person is an island” is a saying that we all have heard. But it took the Covid-19 for me to sink in how important that really is. 

Typically, on Saturday mornings, I would get up and head out regardless how cold or dark to meet my friends for our runs. Not only it is more fun to run with someone but also the run strengthens our bonds.

The pandemic has definitely made this connection even more precious.  Once a week, we share news and stories about how bad the Covid-19 has spread, compare notes on how we are keeping ourselves safe, and commiserate on the freedom we lost.

But most of all, we see each other on regular basis. Know we are doing okay. Sorta keep a tab on one another. On occasion when I missed the run due to travel or other reasons, I am eager to return and catch up with everyone.

Isn’t that what human connection all about?.

How do you keep up with your relations?


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