Week In Review – 26 Dec 2021

In addition to the Christmas holiday, yesterday was also the 30th anniversary of the Soviet Union collapse. Yes 30 years ago (25 Dec 1991), President Gorbachev declared the USSR was split into Russia and fourteen other countries. Just a historical note.

This Christmas was the second one under the Covid-19. Unlike last year, we spent it this time with family and relatives. Most of us are fully vaccinated (including the booster). Two members were tested positive and quarantined (joined us through Facetime)..

The gathering had a risk. And the decision was not an easy one. Some family members opted out. But those of us gathered felt it was a reasonable risk to move on from the pandemic and make adaptations to live with it. The decision did carry a tinge of wariness into our festivities.

Part of this process in getting to the decision involved an emotional truth on my part.  Which is to realize that accurate data on the Covid-19 is lacking. We are led more by our own conscience – be vigilant. As such, in a course of one week before and during the Christmas, we used nine (9) at-home rapid testings. And we wore masks when situation warranted.

In other words, we did not reject anybody’s feeling of the truth but integrated them in our overall decisions.  It wasn’t easy but  the outcome was bold and fulfilling.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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