Omicron Gripe

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Omicron this,Oomicron that.  With only 4 days left in the year, the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus seems to be taking over our lives.  Anywhere you turn, the news of Omicron is on full display: in people’s conversations, on the social media, or at the highest level of the government.  It is omnipresent.

But I for one refuse to let the virus controlling my life.  Not only fully vaccinated, I faced off the Covid-19 through a family gathering over the Christmas week, travel in the midst of flight delays and cancelations due to the pandemic impact, and multiple family members getting tested. 

All that troubles just to show that the Coronavirus does not have me.  Delta or Omicron variant. Doesn‘t matter.  I am not a victim, and I can adapt just like the virus itself.  Whatever I need to do to keep myself and my family healthy and free, you can count on me.  Now or in the coming years.

What are you going to do about the Coronavirus?


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