Countdown to The New Year?

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The week between Christmas and New Year is traditionally a slow period in the US. People are taking off work, taking vacation. or just taking a break from the hustles and bustles before the new year’s arrival. And with perennial anticipation, everything resets with the New Year miraculously.

Unfortunately that kind of breaks does not apply to everybody. Delivery people for example are busier than ever during this week Their trucks are going up and down the streets. Hurrying to bring folks’ packages from last leg of the logistic journey to their final destinations.

Of course, the delivery people are not the only ones.

Healthcare workers are also busier than ever, thanks to the Coronavirus and its Omicron variant in particular. Case counts are going up. So does the hospital stays. By extension, government leaders such as mayors, governors, and even the President of the United States are not exempt from this Omicron induced frenzy.

And the list goes on with police, firefighter, military personnel, etc. None of these people gets a break. And, there won’t be a reset comes the New Year – not in terms of the Coronavirus. We must reach deep inside ourselves to find that resolution for the coming year.

Are you counting down to the New Year? If so,what will your resolution be?



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