Introvert Love?

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The desriptors of “Introvert” and “Feeling” may appear strange bedfellows. But they are subjects near and dear to my heart. I have posted about them here & here, respectively.

Surely, introverts have feelings like everybody else.  Only how the feelings are expressed may come across peculiar to others.  Being an introvert myself, I struggled with getting a handle on how feelings such as love are integrated into my preferences.

Lo and behold  I came across the article by Joshua Krook which truly puts the issue to bed for me.  In short, our feelings (also known as emotional truths) is the dominant driver of our behaviors, regardless our personality type.

Specifically, Krook explains,” our logic is more often than not, a function of our emotional experience. First we feel an emotion, second our logic rushes in to fill out a logical explanation for what we feel, and what we might say or do next in that circumstance.”

Yes, I may feel comfortable with logic or thinking in my decision making, but deep down it’s my love, say for running, for yoga and for meditation, that sustains my disciplines in these endeavors.  Socialization, health, and mindfulness are my logical explanations.

Between emotional appeals and logics, which do you feel is more persuasive?  

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