Hangry – Life’s Moment

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With two days left in the year, many people are assessing or reminiscing what the year (2021) means to them. What were significant (to them?), memorable, or different. But to me, I take a different tact – I still have 48 hours at my disposal before the year lands in the history book.

It is one of the benefits in blogging daily. Meaning I get to capture my moments in a 24 hour chunk. Certainly the year 2021 can be easily written off as the Year Two of the pandemic. And perhaps in 10 or 20 years that may be what stands out in people’s mind. But at this moment, I believe that is too coarse.

Life happens not in any grandest scale but, just the opposite, in an instant. My wife’s hangry behavior can illustrate the point.

My wife is petit sized. And she does not have a ginormous appetite by any means. But when she gets hungry, watch out. We scramble to find food for her, no matter where or what we were doing.  She needs to eat.

The consequence otherwise would be bad (for me): things deteriorate as she loses interest in whatever and quickly becomes irritable. No matter the context. It all happens in that instance.

For that reason, I am not looking back (nor forward) to the year other than now. This is where it all happens.

Are you content with where you are?

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