Week In Review – 2 Jan 2022

This week, we welcome the arrival of Year 2022.  Even though many of the challenges remain the same from last year, the new year does offer a glimpse of hope.  Maybe the Winter Olympics will go on as scheduled, the inflation will subside, the pandemic will end.  Just maybe. 

Some people pin their hopes on luck or some external factors.  Case in point, the New Year’s resolution is a popular fad.  Most of them fizzle out after only a short time. No surprise. Simply put the New Year is just a transition.  It does not guaranty anything, other than the calendar date changes. Best to seize what is in this moment

Of course, there is risk of things going awry.  But one way to increase your probability of success is to recognize that you always have a choice. No matter how trying the situation maybe.  And choose carefully, according to your values. What is important to you, and not what others say it’s important.  Then you will have the best year of your life.

Stay safe & Have a nice week.

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