Each One Of Us Is Unique

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Easy to forget while dealing with the pandemic, inflation, racial tension, and other host of challenges that we are unique individual beings, and by extension, we all have unique situations.

Big data used in the commercial world tries to capitalized on that uniqueness to market product or service to our needs. It is what business is supposed to do. The public sector, on the other hand, deals with subjects en masse.

So when topics crossing both our public and private lives, where do we draw the line? For instance, canceling school due to Covid-19 invariably affects our lives at home. How do we balance public good (preventing spread) with private interest (child’s learning)?

I don’t have an answer, but believe there are  ways to maximize the mutual benefit in terms of win-win. Until a workable solution is reached, each of us deserves to exercise our flexibility and humility. Flexibility to make sure our uniqueness is addressed, and humility to ensure public goods are served.

In our representative democracy, the politicians are our instruments. While some may denounce things are being politicized like never before, that is what a democracy supposed to do. So long as our voices are heard and, here is an important part, our politicians faithfully represent us.

Do you believe the politicians are acting in our best interest?

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