Let Conscience Be Your Guide

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Vaccinate or not? Do or don’t send a child to school? Storm the Capital? What’s the risk in taking the path?

Faced with life’s dilemmas, if someone would tell me what is right versus wrong will make my  decision easier. That someone, be it parents, teachers or role models, takes part in our maturing years and shapes our conscience over time. But as I grew older, I realized that “someone” really has to be no other than me. Specifically, my conscience.

It was Winston Churchill who said, “Rules were made for fools to follow and wise men to be guided by.”  Sir Churchill was not encouraging folks to break the laws but only to suggest that no one can tell you what is right or wrong.  Only you, yourself knows. “Following the rules” is a cop out to avoid thinking for yourself.

After all, the prize of being an adult is recognizing that we alone are responsible for our behaviors.

What would you do if no one is watching? Does that even matter?  Our behaviors are guided by our consciences. While ready-made answer does not exist for every situation, the process of working through the details/ steps to reach an answer, however painstakingly, gives us the confidence that we can be in control of our lives.

Trust it, use it, and let conscience be your guide.

Has your conscience been tested lately?

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