To Change Or Not

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People like familiarity.  It is a safe choice that provides them reassurance. This applies to people, places and things we come into contact. By and large our everyday routine is mostly a repeat of what we did from the days before. If you are looking for growth, repeating same experience adds some efficiency to your routines but little learning.

Moreover, the familiarity can trap us in our own cocoons. Every time I take a trip, I look forward to coming home. The comforts of home offer a nice resting spot. But I would not hesitate to pack my bags and go back out again. Because travel brings change, and change is what brings growth. As long as I can, I want to learn and grow. 

Say, even if you are of the opposite – craving for stability – there may be little choice. Whether you recognized it or not, the only constant in life is change. Time waits for no one. While it can feel uncomfortable or scary even, it’s better to get in front of it.  How you prepare for the change matters.  

To begin, 1) start small.  Incremental change is much easier to adapt. You’re not swallowing more than you can chew.  2) Leverage the familiars. Your friends or family may have already taken the leap.  What are their lessons learned? Any advice? Lastly, 3) tie the experience back to your emotional truth , something you cared deeply. This way will ensure these bite-size or baby steps the most probability of adaption.

Not ready to sit back and watch the world goes by?  Why not give change a try?

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